10. Don’t worry about it. MEANS: You’re not gonna care anyway.

9. I don’t know. MEANS: You wouldn’t understand If I took the time to tell you or you don’t want to know the truth.

8. I don’t really know them. MEANS: I don’t like them, but you still think they are nice.

7. Oh no, I’ll stay here. MEANS: I know I am not wanted.

6. I don’t remember that. MEANS: Why is that important?

5. Oh Really? MEANS: I don’t care nearly as much as you apparently do.

4. It will be ok. MEANS: There is nothing you could possible do to help.

3. Sorry I’m late. MEANS: I didn’t want to be the first one here and feel awkward.

2. It’s no big deal. MEANS: It’s a big deal!

1. I’m Fine MEANS: Save me!