I was confronted yesterday with the fragile nature of life again, I know that we all will die someday but it’s not a fact that I like to face but if we are not aware of how the story end how can we live. I want to live a life that makes my death a tragedy for all who knew me. I want to be a person that is deeply missed in her absence, I want to give all that I am away and hold nothing back. I want to be so completely me that I bleed my name. I want all my tears to mirror my soul and every finger print I leave behind to throb with my heart beat. I want to be addictive. I want to live a BIG life.

I want my funeral to be packed with crying people who have seen how I have lived and loved and lost and for them to all be passionately inspired and empowered to live there life without wasting a second more. I want to live with love, bravery and passion for all that I do. Death frightens me but wasted life frightens me far more.


Until Then…