Shaggy and batgirl in an Elevator

While overseeing my elevator duty at the Ritz I entered the east elevator to be greeted by Shaggy and Batgirl. I politely stepped to one side and tried not to seem interested in their conversation. Batgirl started to speak before the doors closed all the way. “So are you ever gonna cut your hair?” Shaggy shrugged his shoulders and responded with

“But it’s totally cool; my do makes a sweet statement.”

Batgirl retorted with “Yeah like a completely unhygienic statement.”

“So why do you wear black all the time are like depressed. I think you should wear this, it’s like totally tubular.” At this statement he pulls out a tie dye mask that was identical in shape and size to her black one.

“What idiot would wear that?” Then Shaggy pulled out a second mask and put it on to prove how cool it really was. “I wasn’t sure it was possible but you look even stupider.” Shaggy’s face then contorted to reveal that all too well know look of complete, but fleeting, rejection that all fans love.

“You know that’s harsh.” He said as his face slowly returned to normal. Then the elevator lights snapped off and the car jolted to a stop. When the light returned I turned to check on the passengers and found that Shaggy had climbed Batgirl like a tree while she remained statuesque with fists propped on her waist and elbow out. Shaggy slowly lowered from his perch. Batgirl unshaken by an unforeseen change in event then began to take shock of the situation. She pulled a bat shaped harpoon from her belt and loaded it into something that wrapped around the palm of her hand. She then stepped into the center of the car, almost kicking Shaggy out of the way. She fired it and blew out the panel above. She then looked to Shaggy and said.

“Ok, give me a boost.” Shaggy looked at her in utter shock.

“Your going up their?” while making a small childlike gesture to the missing panel.

“NO! We’re going up there, we have to save this poor civilian for certain peril.”  She responded with fists on hips as she impatiently tapped her foot. I tried to interject but was quickly drowned out by “Don’t worry, stay calm sir, we have everything under control.”

I tried again “But I can…”

“No, no, no you stay here and WE will go get help.” She replied as she shot a glance at the still deathly afraid Shaggy who had been trying to get as far away from the open panel as possible. He was scrunched in the back corner of the car and was trying to push himself down farther onto the floor. Batgirl then loaded another harpoon into her launcher and fired it up into the open shaft of the elevator. She then turned to Shaggy and found him stuffing his face with Scooby snacks. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t face certain death on an empty stomach.”  Batgirl was feed up by now and said

“Fine, I’ll save the world myself. Men are so useless.” At this Shaggy attempted to muster up some courage and said,

“Wait I can’t let a pretty girl like you face danger all alone. I’ll come.” He then turned to me and said. “If I don’t come back will you give this box of Scooby snacks to Scooby doo and tell  the gang that I did this for them.” He handed me the nearly empty box and turned to Batgirl.

“Are you ready yet?” He shook his head reluctantly and grabbed her around the waist. They then disappeared through the dark hole. I turned and opened the panel to the phone and heard,

“Front desk.”

“Hey Frank this is Vince will you through the breaker for the east elevator its blown again.”

“Sure Vince, I’ll get right on it.” Less that a minute later the elevator resumed its motion and stopped two floors up. Where I found a completely disheveled Batgirl and overly enthusiastic Shaggy, who was exclaiming

“I saved Batgirl!!! repeatedly. I then handed him back his Scooby snacks and went to assist Batgirl off of the floor. Her cap was ripped off of one shoulder, her belt was gone and her mask was angled across her forehead and left eye. I attempted an explanation.

“The breaker for the east elevator has a tendency to blow when the hot tub is turned on. It started to happen about a week ago and the electrician is coming tomorrow to fix it. So all you have to do is call the front desk and have them flip the breaker.” Batgirl then shot a glance of death at Shaggy and angrily announced,

“I’ll take the stair!” Shaggy ran after her waving a tie dye mask over his head yelling.

“You forgot your mask.” I reentered the elevator and emerged in time to see Shaggy chasing a black motorcycle through the parking lot still waving that tie dye mask in the air. I then took up my post at the front desk and the bell on the entry door rang and I was greeted with a “Hey Vince, how’s your day going?”

“Great, Mr. Kent how are you?”