1. My middle name was made up by my parents
2. I can make messenger bags, legal pad holders, purses, wallets and a few other things out of Duck Tape
3. I can speak some elvish
4. I used elvish script in high school for code when passing notes
5. I cannot watch the extended edition of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring without falling asleep
6. I buy a stuffed animal every time I go on vacation.
7. After a bad day I crave cream soda
8. I got my ears pierced at 25
9. I have never been kissed
10. I collect tv shows
11. I don’t like red Swedish fish
12. If you see my lips moving while I am driving I am not singing, I am having a conversation with someone who is not there
13. I hate grape and cherry favored candy
14. I save all my fortunes from my fortune cookies incase they come true
15. I prefer caramel over chocolate any day
16. I don’t know who is in the super bowl until half time, when I watch the half time show.
17. My super bowl tradition is to go to a movie by myself
18. I wanted to be a vet as a child
19. Wanted to be a lawyer in high school and then realized how much schooling it took and said “forget college, I want to make money”
20. Best Christmas present ever was my 18 volt, 3 piece dewalt tool set
21. I have met Jack Hanna

22. My default movie choice is Man From Snowy River

23. I have never had a broken bone or stitches

24. I have had sinus surgery

25. I kinda freak out if anything gets close to my right ear, I can’t even stand it if people whisper in it.

26. I have two journals full of quotes, I started in high school and haven’t stopped

27. I love the smell of trick fuel

28. My office is a mess but my computer files are organized like a champion

29. People with PC’s irritate me on a certain level (long live MAC!!!)

30. I received a “Royal Ham” award in grade school for the plays I had been in

31. I once played Templeton the Rat in Charlotte’s Web

32. Hate the color pink

33. Hate classroom settings

34. I collect stuffed animals, quotes and Knives

35. I strongly believe I am a citizen of the wrong country. I love America but will someday be a Citizen of my true home, England

36. Cannot resist the funny page in the paper, or the joke page in Guidepost

37. scared to death of Wizard of Oz flying monkeys

38. Was put in handcuffs by a police officer once, I was in 5th grade…

39. I find manly forearms attractive

40. Know how to tie a full Windsor knot

41. Can and have installed Door hardware

42. Can run an excavator, efficiently

43. My feet where pictured in the Newspaper when i was in grade school

44. Won the science fair in 8th grade with my report on “How music effects your learning”

45. Won a Volleyball State Championship as a player, but didn’t win a Basketball State Championship until I was a Coach

46. Was nicknamed Ogre, stripes,and happy feet (before the movie ever came out)

47. Had a car before I had a drivers license

48. Traveled overseas for the first time when I was 16

49. Repeated kindergarden

And#50. After receiving my High School Diploma promptly check to see if it was signed.

Until Then…