I have made a decision recently about math and its value in my life and I would like to share it with you. First of all I never knew there where so many kinds of numbers, I put numbers in to two categories, numbers that matter and numbers that don’t.

Did you know there are Perfect Numbers, the only perfect number is the one that connects me to the person I really want to call, that would be the perfect number, preferable a millionaire single in his mid to late 20’s. (still looking for that, can anyone hook me up with that?)

Oh but the fun is just getting started, there are Real Numbers too. Are their fake numbers….? No just ones we absolutely can classify as real. So don’t get distracted by those not real numbers, wouldn’t want to be lead down the wrong path by a number thats not real, because you never know where you might end up. Cuz those real number only take you to really cool, fun safe places.

Irrational Numbers, these are a lot like the not real numbers but instead of taking you to some dark scary place they put you one the crazy train, headed for crazy town to set you up with the Crazy Majors crazy nephew, so Beware Irrational Numbers.

Negative numbers, these are where all the negativity in the WORLD sprang from, they are not to be messed with even the most positive number, when they encounter them, are to turned to negativity. Its like a black hole, they will suck you in and never let you out.

Finally, Imaginary Numbers, these are very rare like unicorns, the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the easter bunny. You have to look very hard and believe with all your might and someday you may be privileged enough to see an imaginary number.

So to sum all this up, I have one rule when it comes to numbers, if it can’t be applied to my Sales CPO or cookie I DON”T CARE!!!

Until then….