Did you know YOU are the master of your own destiny? You are actually the only thing that is truly standing in your way. No one else will ever be able to take away from you what you are willing to fight for. I have discovered recently that if I am not willing to fight for what I want, no one else will make it happen for me. You have been give dreams and desires, you may have forgotten them or let them go but they are your and you must find them again. I am convinced that every single person has a dream that they were given. I also am convinced that you are the only one who can make it happen. I had a good friend sit me down one day and tell me this, “Ivy if you don’t look after your dreams and go for them, if you continue to serve someone else’s dreams and vision, yours will never happen. Say NO. Its all right to tell people no, even when you love them, their purpose and destiny is not your and they won’t look after your dreams. Yes, they can be involved but if you’re not out there going for it and chasing after it, they can’t be involved in what you’re not doing.”

So what dream have you let die, or maybe just left in your bed when you wake up in morning? I want to challenge you to go back to your pillow and take pick it up. Take it to work with you, tell your friends about it, yeah they may laugh but tell them anyway, like you believe its going to happen. Write it down somewhere, write a letter to it and tell it your on your way to see it. Talk about with a stranger, I have found the more I talk about the crazy things that I want to achieve in life the more I am aware of them and make decisions that get me closer to them.

Stop putting your life on the back burner for other and BE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN DESTINY!!!