A couple getting married,
A last breath is taken,
Someone is living the dream,
A baby is being born,
Two lovers kiss in the dark,
A child falls from a bike,
An orphan is made,
Innocence is murdered,
A life is saved,
An assignment finished,
A drunk gives up the bottle,
An officer averts a crime,
A child is offered drugs,
A lie is told to hurt someone,
A businessman steals from his company
A women leaves her husband,
A child is abused,
An appointment missed,
A car is stolen,
A man is mugged,
A child is told by his hero he can achieve his dreams,
An idea becomes reality,
Someone sleeps on a park bench,
A family says there prayers together,
A winning point is scored,
A champion is named,
A loser weeps,
A TV is turned on,
A door is closed,
A book bought,
A gift thrown away,
A heart broken,
A leg fitted for a cast,
Skates hit the ice,
The sun rises over a beach,
A nail is driven,
A key turned,
A picture snapped,
A memory lost to Alzheimer’s,
A train horn sounds,
An explosion is felt,
An addiction made,
A preacher prays,
Of all the things that are happening in the world right now,
What are you doing?

Until Then…