There are an alarming rate of money strategies out in the world these days, from Debt consolidators, credit card plans, money management plans, investment brokers, auto savings accounts, the list goes on and on. From my experience people rarely talk about money in relations to what is of most value to you. Before I go much deeper into this I want to tell you about the conversation that brought this topic to mind. I was talking with a co-worker about my goals that I am currently working toward, this is actually the goal I share with my Cutco customers at each of my demos. ‘I am working really hard to sell 15K by the end of April so that I can go to England for the 2012 Summer Olympic, I am really excited to go, I have been planning this trip for four years, since London won the bid for the Olympics.’ So I was sharing this with my co-worker and the first thing they said to me was, “Your going to pay out the nose for that!” like it wasn’t a worth while thing to spend my money on. As you could imagine I was rather upset and offend by that. First off, my money is mine and I am free to spend it as I see fit, secondly I am a very responsible and thrifty person, I alway pay my bills on time and find the best deal I can on almost everything. Thirdly I work very hard and deserve to have a very nice vacation, but finally, and the point I want to drive home most of all today is that If something is important to you, and I mean important to you like you think about it everyday, you fall asleep with it on your mind, its what pulls your exhausted body out of bed and gets you to work on time, everyday, important. Than who care what it costs, and for that matter, who care what stand between you and having it. If it is truly, deeply, fantasically important to you, that you should stop at nothing to hold it in your hands. For me the thing standing between me and my trip to the 2012 Olympics is about 30 phone call 2 to 3 nights a week, 6 demos per week for about 15 week and roughly 14k in sales by April 30th. Might sound scary to some but look at it this way, all I have to do is call some folks and show them knives, (which is not only the beauty of my job, but the beauty how easy this goal is to actually hit) and I am on the plane flying to England.

To sum up my money talk, be smart with your money, yes, but use it for fun things too. Why have a job to earn money and not enjoy what is around you. Here is a quote from one of my favorite chickish flicks, its called Excess Baggage, the story goes like this, the girl, Emily, wants attention from her distant father so she kidnaps herself and locks herself in the trunk of her car which during the ransom drop get stolen by Vincent. They, of course, fall for each other and at one point while discussing their life plans Emily says this to Vincent “You want to make money, go on the run, just so you can make more money? Vincent that’s stupid, I’ve had that my whole life and it doesn’t do shit. Doesn’t make you happy.” I love that moment, money alone will never make you truly happy until you are its master and you use it to achieve your dreams, to make money alone should never be your sole aim, because you will never make enough money to filll the wholes that are in your life, but if you make money so that you can achieve your dream then in the process of those adventures, you will make memories and meet new people or make memories with the important people in your life then those things will fill the whole you have in your life, because only love, friendship and great adventures are what life is really worth living for, not the daily grind of our 9 to 5 desk job or whatever you may do to earn money for your dreams.


Until Then…