Come and come and come again
With faith in heart and eyes that sin,
Hand that grasp at the wind
Evermore the sky will shine with light upon the darkest night
Finding rest at sail on the pale sea
And fear on brilliant air.
This is not the end but a thread.

More and more and more to come,
With words of mournful sum,
Fight back with acts of rage to fill this deathly cage.
Lights lights all around yet the people make no sound.

Find, find, found, what was never lost
In a place that never stands still.
Journey long to seek a thrill for love is amidst your will

Savor this eternal thought:
What is, is not
What will, has come and
What never was, is here at last.

Spin, spin and spin again
The bridges burn and grin
Follow roads of paving gold to mountains with forgotten souls.

No voice can tell what eyes do see
For spirits breaks and finders fee
Seek not and find all you can ever be.
This is nothing new in sky and sun.
Gather this around and find eternity.

Until Then…