I have a fist full of coffin nails,
The hammer still pounds away,
The map on my arm is almost complete,
Tattoos mark the days I’ll never miss.

I’ve been digging deep for an eternal sleep,
Since the day you died.
With these morbid games the damned play.

Where have you gone?
When will I journey those roads stained with blood?
As I wish for death,
My eye is catch by your favorite sky.
And a whisper plays in my mind,
Don’t forget why we die.

These coffin nail’s remains in hand
But the hammer rests for a time.
My grave stands empty,
Waiting for the day I die.
I will count the moons,
Until the gun fires and marks
The hour of my disappearance

The lost will be found,
The damned saved,
The dead will rise again.