All right Boys its time to have a little heart to heart. This may be brutal but I believe it is necessary. You really need to pay attention here, this could change everything in your life. I want to give you some ground rules here for any time you get to interaction with a Women, be it your own mother, a co worker or your girlfriend or wife.

First of all and really this should be a universal standard, No surprises unless it is a gift, that is the only time we want to be surprised, don’t surprise us with bad news or a change in plan or operation. We do love surprises but if you surprise us with the wrong thing you are liable to get a reaction that is unfavorable.

Next, treat us like we have a brain in our head that actually works. Yes some of us are not as intelligent as others but give us the benefit of the belief that we are smart enough to understand. If we don’t understand what your talking about its our job to ask you to explain (And yes I will be talking to the ladies about that)

Also, open the freaking door for us, i don’t care how much some girls yell at you for it, do it anyway.

Remember that just because we are capable doesn’t mean we really want to handle it alone, if its a heavy box, at least acknowledge it by asking to help, even if we say we can handle it, ASK ANYWAY. Most of us don’t mind doing heavy lifting on occasion if you know that you are willing to help at any time. We really hate having to be needy, we feel weak, but if you offer to help we feel empowered and respected and we will be more open to let you do things for us over all.

But your primary job as a gentlemen, the one thing that will make you a gentlemen is…make us comfortable in your presence. If you are not making every effort to make us comfortable in all environment that you take us to you are not a gentlemen you are just showing of your prize stallion to the world and we will not appreciate you for it. This is a skill that is not easily mastered but one that is essential to you and to us. You have no idea how much this singular idea can change you relationship to women until you start to work at it. The best advice I have for you on how to achieve this is be aware of us, watch for nervous twitched, constrained body movement, darting eyes. There are a multitude of way to set us at ease but you must find your way thru that on your own, what makes one women comfortable may make another nervous, there is no universal answer but if we know you are trying we will help you find what works.

So go be a Gentlemen not just another guy.

Until Then…