There are so many things that I can tell you about will happen in your life but I am not going to because if I told you now you wouldn’t learn what I did about life and about yourself. There are people that I still wish I had stayed away from because of what they have done but with each of those people come another person that I would not be who I am without there friendship.

You will have heart ack and disappointment but you will also discover who your true friends are. There are a lot of hard things in your future but there are also a lot of fun adventures to be had. I am sorry for what you will have to live thru i the next 10 years. It’s going to be dark and lonely for a long time but what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. You will walk thru some very dark days but remember there are people who love you and are standing with you. Sony a and you have a friendship worth fighting for, also Danae will be a closer friend in the hard times that you ever thought. These two will see you thru some hard times don’t be afraid to lean on them but there are going to be times when they will need you as well. I have learned that you don’t need to have the answers, just be there, listen and tell them you love them. Don’t let Danae or Sonya slip away, they are two rocks that support your life.

You will get opportunities to go to far away places, don’t be afraid, it will change your life in a way you can’t imagine. Sometimes fear proceeds your most amazing discoveries, don’t let it keep you from great adventure.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts that will hopefully save you some money and heartache…

Jewelry should not go on sports trips

Buy the warranty on all electronics over $30

Don’t take portable electronics to work, ever!

Your first instinct is always the best

Start a savings account as soon as you start working but don’t save so much you can’t have fun.

Vehicle maintenance is a non-negotiable expense, make it happen.

Friends will come and go from your life not all of these departures are final, remember a new friend is an oppertunity and lost friend is not a mistake.

Being beautiful isn’t a feeling or even a personality trait it’s a choice. You have to decide that you are beautiful and nothing else will make you that way, not clothes, not money, not how your body looks, it’s a choice. Decide who you are and don’t let anyone change you or talk you out of it, that determination and conviction, that’s what makes you beautiful.

Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s, there is no way to measure the value of your experience when you hold it up to someone else’s. Measure your life in what you have learned to what you have accomplished, see if you know more that you have done, and if you believe you are capable of more then keep going until you have accomplished all you believe you are able and then look back and see all the lives you have impacted for the better. You are only responsible to live the life laid in front of you, not to live the life laid out in front of someone else.

Live life, don’t just survive the experience. Love with all you have, there are people in your path who need to be loved just because they are alive. They will know it, but they need your love, you will be loved back by some and not by others, don’t let this stop you from loving all people. The one thing we can’t lose by giving it love.

If you are true to your heart, you will live an astounding life, that is full to the brim. But it will take great heart and I know you possess a great heart full of gifts for all the people you meet.

Until Then….