With a snap of your fingers life can change, but not every time you snap your fingers something changes, does this mean we should not snap our fingers everyday to see if something will happen, no. I have been thinking about love a great deal lately and how it is able to change you so quickly and completely. I have been told so often to guard my heart that I have actually hidden it way, I cut it from my chest and locked it away from the light of this world. I have missed the opportunity to love and be loved because of this.

We invest in so many risky ventures in our lives, with our money, our time, our thoughts but rarely our hearts. I said once to a friends “I would gladly die for Jesus, I just don’t want to suffer.” we will gladly risk our money in the stock market but we are to scared to risk our heart for the one thing in this world that can make everything possible and beautiful, loving another person. Would you be willing to love someone just because they are alive, for the rest of your life, even if they never loved you back? That is a truly deep question and it is one I ask myself often. But even though it is possibly a very painful way of living it is LIVING. To guard your heart so perfectly and keep it from any harm is not living its surviving. I have come to a place where I will risk my heart being broken everyday on a slim chance at having the love that I seek. I will not be hiding away in the dark corners of my heart any longer. My heart will be on my sleeve, pinned to my shirt, open and fragile to be seen by all whom I meet. I will love just because I am able.

Until Then…