All right, let’s just get this out of the way nice and early in this process. My political views, now I know I’m gonna rock the boat and probably make some people upset but here’s the deal, I am a one issue voter. Go head a yell that’s fine, your computer screen can take it. Take a moment and let it all fly free and when your ready come on back and listen to the rest of what I have to say.

Yes, ONE issue voter, I choice my candidate because of there stance on one thing. Abortion. Scream all you like about debt, taxes, the war, wall street, or any of the other things that seam to take up our time but personally I have a problem giving my support to someone who not only condones murder but murder of an innocent defenseless child. It all comes down to what is most sacred in this world, life. If we do not defend life at the very beginning of its cycle and it’s most vulnerable then how can we with a clear conscience do anything else with any moral fortitude. If I begin my day by slapping my mother in the face how can I then tell her that night that I will do what is right by her. It is the same with politics. How can I believe that someone is going to look out for the good of the people when they have given there consent either by direct action or inaction to end the life of another, especially when they knowing do such things.

I know I am leaving myself open for a mess of comments not only on politics but abortion, capital punishment and a variety of other issues I have not yet foreseen but I welcome them, actually I invite them. Please comment on this post on Facebook or wordpress. Let’s have it out.

Until Then…