I know I have told this to some of you before but it is such a neat idea I wanted to share it again. I was reading a book my brother gave me from his College days called “Imaginative Writing: The Elements of Craft” and the author shared a story that stuck with me and she told it so wonderfully that I will let you experience it the same why I did.

“My creative writing workshop exchanged a few classes with a group of student choreographers. The first time we came into the dance theater, we arrived sat politely down in our seats with our notebooks on our laps. The Choreographer-dancers did stretches on the carpet, headstands on the steps; some sat backward on the chairs; one folded herself down into a seat like a tea bag in a teacup. When they started to dance they were given a set of instructions: Group A is rolling through, up and under; Group B is blue Tuesday; Group C is weather comes from the west. The choreographers began to invent movement; each made up a “line” of dance. They repeated and altered it. They bumped into each other, laughed, repeated, rearranged and danced it through. They did it again. They adjusted. They repeated. They danced it through. Nobody was embarrassed and nobody gave up. They tried it again. One of the young writers turned to me with a face of luminous discovery. “We don’t play enough,” she said.

We don’t play enough…what a profound discovery. Why does play have to be left to the kids, why can’t we as adult still play? Imagine how much fun we could have given the resources we now have, the forts you could build with the tools you are now allowed to use. Why not bring the art of playing and imaginary adventures back to our lives. Pretend the dinner you are making is a special potion that will give you the power to achieve greatness, go on a treasure hunt in your laundry basket, pretend the dishes in your sink where found on the bottom of the ocean and you must clean them to discover they true value as priceless antiques, find the treasure map in your pile of bills, sword fight with pirates in the backyard, slay the monster under the bed. You are only limited by your own imagination. Give it a try today, make an adventure out of the routine events in your life. This morning while I was frying my eggs preparing to flip them I told myself that they where special eggs and if the yoke broke before I ate them that the magic would float away. (i hate it when the yokes on my eggs break, they don’t taste as good) So i prepared to flip them with great caution and succeeded in not breaking the yokes, I had magic eggs for breakfast today, what did you do with your limitless imagination?