Goals, goals, goals, For some people that is a very scary word. It used to scare me, but now I get rather excited about them and strangely it’s not because I am have found some secret formula that allows me to alway reach them, but it is because I now see them in the right light. But before we talk about goals lets talk about dreams. A friend of mine had me do this exercise and I want to challenge you to do the same, I have seen fruit, good fruit from it, and I believe you will too. Take Ten minutes and write down some dreams, things you want to do in your life time. Turn the impossibility filter off and just have a little fun. To help you get started I will share my first 10 with you

1. Walk on the moon

2. Meet my Husband

3. See Europe

4. Buy a house

5. Own a BMW 3 series Black with leather seats, sun roof, and GPS

6. Slice thru a full pop can with a Cutco Butcher Knife

7. Publish 15 book in my lifetime

8. Write everyday

9. Play in a professional Basketball Game

10. Run a marathon

Now that you have the idea kinda what a dream list looks like, go make one. There are no rules, there are never too many or too few dreams. Yours will not look like mine, but we can have similar plans, this is all about you and what you dream about. Please have fun, this is only ten of my dreams, the first time I did this I had 37, I now have 100 and counting. This list should never be abandon or end. As you hopefully cross things off this list you should be adding more. Now go start your list, yes right now. GO. I will still be here when you are done. Yes, you who is still sitting their, go get a pen and a piece of paper and write down your dreams, its worth your time! 🙂

All right now that you have your dream list in front of you its time to talk about Goals. Did you know your Goals should scare you? Yes, SCARE you. Why? Because if you are not making goals that scare you, you are not shooting high enough and you are not doing honor to who you are. Great people set extraordinary goals, goals so big that they must give it every ounce of themselves to ever hope to achieve it. My standing New Years resolution for the last 5 years was to make no new years resolutions, and do you know why? Because I was afraid to fail; and that is why for the last five years I have not grown as an individual. It wasn’t until I pushed the bounds of what I thought I could achieve that I started to achieve things I never thought possible. I never thought I would be able to sell thousands of dollars worth of knives simply by calling people that I knew and showing them I could cut a penny with some shears, but I did! And I never thought I could get people to recommend me to there friends but I walked out of two different peoples houses with over 30 names and numbers. I never thought I could come up with the money I needed to move my stuff cross country but I did, BECAUSE I set goals so big that they scared me. Are you ready to start living a life thats bigger than your present reality? Well, then you are ready to set some Giant Size Goals.

Now that your ready to achieve greatness let me help with a little structuring that I found helpful. There are essentially 11 categories, in regards to life:

Material-The stuff or things we have or want

Adventure-Those crazy things (a few examples from my list: play paintball, spontaneous road trip, cliff jumping)

Physical-Things pertaining to your health and physical body

Intellectual-Learning new skills and maintaining old ones, knowledge

Emotional-Things to do with feelings (one of mine: Keep my love of England alive in my heart)

Creative-Art, photography, writing, sculpting, the artist side of your personality

Financial-Things to do with money or investing (personal goal: Credit Score over 750)

Professional-Things to do with your career or job

Spiritual-This that feed your soul

Psychological-This one is about your thought patterns, your mental and emotional state of being (my big one in this category: confidence and self respect)

Character/Legacy-How people remember you, what kind of impression or message you leave with people, what would you want said at your funeral is another way to look at it.

Now there is two more steps that really help you make your goals stick and the first is called “value index” now this is pretty simple, basically I want you to put a numerical value on each goal. Rate each of your goals from 1 to 10. Take your first goal and ask yourself this question “On a scale of 1 to 10 how passionate am I about this, how important is this goal to me?” after you have put a rating or a value index on all your goals now its time to focus in on what’s most important. Now this is where you focus your life goals down into your goals for the year. Get a clean sheet of paper and right down your top ten goals, these are the ten goals that have the highest rating. I will let you know I actually have a goal that I valued at 11.5 and one that is a 12. I recommend you write them down in order of value.

The final step is the one that can prove to be the hard one to do, I am still working on this part but I am determined to complete this task. This step is called “what will I do?” Now when you sit down to do this, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to give your full attention to this. Start with your first of your top ten goals and write at the top of a piece of paper this sentence “What am I willing to do to achieve this goal? How important is this goal to me?” like I said this step could be the most challenging, don’t just cop out and give a simple short answer, really dive I to it. Be open and honest with yourself about what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your dreams. I want to push you to dig deep inside and push yourself to a new level of commitment to becoming all you where created for. This is a challenge but the harder you push yourself the more you will get out of this experience. If you are a little bit scared by your goals that is good, let the fear motivate you not paralyze you. Use the fear as fuel, don’t let it become a weight around your neck.

All right now things are starting to get exciting, I used to fear goal making, now I do it everyday, not on this scale but I make goals for myself in regards to what I want to accomplish each day, in my job at the laundry I set goals for how quickly I want to complete each task that I have, I am always trying be beat my best time. In sales I get goals for how many calls I will make and how many demos I will set. Once you get comfortable with setting goals you will start to do it without thinking. But for right now I want to encourage you to take some time right now and think about goals for your LIFETIME, forget 2012 for a few minutes and think about what you want to achieve in a lifetime!!! This can be a little overwhelming but also so empowering. It has given me a new sense of focus and inspiration from this activity. And remember if it doesn’t scare at least a little bit it’s not a great enough life for you. The scarier it is the farther you will go to achieve it. Remember its not about the achievement its about who you are becoming. I may never reach my goal of a 750 credit score but in my effort to reach it I will not fall into debt problems. I may never reach my goal of being the top sales rep in the state of Montana but I will take great care of the customers I do have and will have. I may never reach another one of my goals but If I continue to do all in my power to achieve them I will become more than I would ever have if I set safe goals and reached them. “Aim for the moon and even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

Until Then…