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My Boy Cam

I asked my facebook friends today to submit some ideas for me to blog about and after receiving several, from the same person (Isaac Cervantes) I decided that this idea was a good one for today. “How much joy animals bring to us and why?” Truly this is a simple answer but instead of just answering it in a few short word I want to tell you about My Cam, who has been the example of this to me. He is a 5 and a half year old pure breed Lab. He is around 90 lb. and believe himself, at times, to be a lap dog. He had a furious but short lived bark an active tail, that has knocked down coffee cups and love of all people that is unmatched. If you enter his universe, which would be his sight, smell or proximity, he loves you and is all about being your best friend. For me his is a travel buddy, a warm blanket, a child, a friend but never just my dog.

Cam came to me in a very strange way. My parents took a trip to missoula with some friends who where searching for a black lab puppy, they had looked all over kalispell and there where none to be found, so they decided to look in missoula. They had been all around Zoo town, to all the pet stores and Pounds and animal shelters and still they couldn’t find any labs. So on there way out of town they stopped back by Sportsman Wear-house. Mike my parents friend wanted to run in a buy some work boot he had looked at on there earlier trip by that morning and before he was gone a whole five minutes he returned carrying a puppy, Cash. He was the runt of the litter but so cute. Mike and Dottie agreed that he was the one they wanted and their search was complete. The two couple decided to grab lunch before they left town. Meanwhile, I was working away, straining siding for a house we where remodeling. The work need to be done by monday and Danae my cousin was helping me. about 2 in the afternoon I got a texted of from my mother of Mike holding his new puppy which I jokingly replied to with “I want one” It was a standing joke with me and my dad, whenever I saw a puppy or a dog anywhere I would ask my dad in my sweetest voice, “isn’t it cute” and he would alway reply “we don’t have the yard for a dog” truth was, we didn’t have the fence for a dog, we had plenty of yard. My mother responded to my text, “I tried but your dad just didn’t go for it.” Danae and I continued about our work and I began to consider how much work a dog would really be, and came to the conclusion that it was a lot of responsibility to have a dog and would be mildly restrictive to my life plans.

When Danae and I finished our work and returned to our house Mike, Dottie, my parents and Cash had just arrived as well, there was as you could imagine a great deal of petting and cooing over Cash. After I had gotten a sufficient amount of puppy love I started head upstairs to shower and get ready for my evening plans and my dad called to me and said, will you go help your mom with the stuff she bought, and I made an excuse, “Dad  I really need to go shower, I’m gonna be late.”  He insisted, with an almost gruff face, “Go help your mom.” I begrudgingly when out to Mike and Dotties car as mom shouted from the door, “My stuff is in the front seat.” I pulled the door open sharply to retrieve what I thought would probably be a single bag and her purse and curled up on the floor board was another black lab puppy asleep. I instinctively scooped him up and turned around toward the house, where my mom, dad, Mike and Dottie all stood with smiles and tears in there eyes. I had no words. I couldn’t guess at the shear number of times my dad had said no to me about getting a dog and now I was holding him in my arms.

For the next three years Cam, when to work with me everyday, slept either on my bed or in my room, he was with me all day long, on job sites, in the shop, in the truck, at the office, Everywhere. When I moved from my bed room to my brother old room across the hall he began to sleep outside my door, like a sentinel. When we moved from our house to an apartment again he slept in front of the door to the apartment, when we drove across country to Mississippi he spent most of the journey in the front seat of my truck, curled up in a 90 lb. ball. In the new house he slept in my room between me and my door. When I drove a uhaul across country again he was my co-pilot and lap blanket for my mom.

After being separated for almost a year, he still remembered me. He couldn’t get closed enough to me, for the first week he followed me around like a shadow, not letting me out of his sight. He would lay in front of the bathroom door when I took a shower, he would lay beside my chair at the dinner table, and would follow me to the front door and lay there until I got home again. He steal my socked and hides them in his crate, he jumps up on my bed when I get in bed, he moped when I leave and jumps around like he has won the lottery when I come in the house, even when I just went out to my car for something and came right back in.

So why do animals bring us such joy? Because they love us like we all wished to be loved, completely, passionately, unashamed, and unconditionally. That is the simple but true answer, the complicated and extended answer is they bring us joy with there sideways looks, their wet noses, their deep sad eyes, their silent presence, their surprise messes, their Houdini honoring escapes, How their butt wags with their tail, their favorite toys, etc., etc., etc.

Don’t forget to love them like they love you.

Until then…


Worlds filled with Words

I have been thinking very pointedly about the fragile nature of life and last night it brought me to an interesting place, what we leave behind. I was thinking about my writing specifically and all I could say in my mind way, I don’t want to be a one hit wonder, I want my current book to be my master piece and then my next would some how surpass it. I don’t want to peak and fall back as a writer, that’s ok as an athlete but I don’t think a writer has to be that way. And even if its supposed to, I choose to reject that idea. I want to have a career full of master pieces. But most of all I want to write, everyday. Thank you to all of you who take the time to read this at some point in your day. I appreciate you time and attention.

Until then

The End of Life

I was confronted yesterday with the fragile nature of life again, I know that we all will die someday but it’s not a fact that I like to face but if we are not aware of how the story end how can we live. I want to live a life that makes my death a tragedy for all who knew me. I want to be a person that is deeply missed in her absence, I want to give all that I am away and hold nothing back. I want to be so completely me that I bleed my name. I want all my tears to mirror my soul and every finger print I leave behind to throb with my heart beat. I want to be addictive. I want to live a BIG life.

I want my funeral to be packed with crying people who have seen how I have lived and loved and lost and for them to all be passionately inspired and empowered to live there life without wasting a second more. I want to live with love, bravery and passion for all that I do. Death frightens me but wasted life frightens me far more.


Until Then…

Super Hero Hotel

Shaggy and batgirl in an Elevator

While overseeing my elevator duty at the Ritz I entered the east elevator to be greeted by Shaggy and Batgirl. I politely stepped to one side and tried not to seem interested in their conversation. Batgirl started to speak before the doors closed all the way. “So are you ever gonna cut your hair?” Shaggy shrugged his shoulders and responded with

“But it’s totally cool; my do makes a sweet statement.”

Batgirl retorted with “Yeah like a completely unhygienic statement.”

“So why do you wear black all the time are like depressed. I think you should wear this, it’s like totally tubular.” At this statement he pulls out a tie dye mask that was identical in shape and size to her black one.

“What idiot would wear that?” Then Shaggy pulled out a second mask and put it on to prove how cool it really was. “I wasn’t sure it was possible but you look even stupider.” Shaggy’s face then contorted to reveal that all too well know look of complete, but fleeting, rejection that all fans love.

“You know that’s harsh.” He said as his face slowly returned to normal. Then the elevator lights snapped off and the car jolted to a stop. When the light returned I turned to check on the passengers and found that Shaggy had climbed Batgirl like a tree while she remained statuesque with fists propped on her waist and elbow out. Shaggy slowly lowered from his perch. Batgirl unshaken by an unforeseen change in event then began to take shock of the situation. She pulled a bat shaped harpoon from her belt and loaded it into something that wrapped around the palm of her hand. She then stepped into the center of the car, almost kicking Shaggy out of the way. She fired it and blew out the panel above. She then looked to Shaggy and said.

“Ok, give me a boost.” Shaggy looked at her in utter shock.

“Your going up their?” while making a small childlike gesture to the missing panel.

“NO! We’re going up there, we have to save this poor civilian for certain peril.”  She responded with fists on hips as she impatiently tapped her foot. I tried to interject but was quickly drowned out by “Don’t worry, stay calm sir, we have everything under control.”

I tried again “But I can…”

“No, no, no you stay here and WE will go get help.” She replied as she shot a glance at the still deathly afraid Shaggy who had been trying to get as far away from the open panel as possible. He was scrunched in the back corner of the car and was trying to push himself down farther onto the floor. Batgirl then loaded another harpoon into her launcher and fired it up into the open shaft of the elevator. She then turned to Shaggy and found him stuffing his face with Scooby snacks. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t face certain death on an empty stomach.”  Batgirl was feed up by now and said

“Fine, I’ll save the world myself. Men are so useless.” At this Shaggy attempted to muster up some courage and said,

“Wait I can’t let a pretty girl like you face danger all alone. I’ll come.” He then turned to me and said. “If I don’t come back will you give this box of Scooby snacks to Scooby doo and tell  the gang that I did this for them.” He handed me the nearly empty box and turned to Batgirl.

“Are you ready yet?” He shook his head reluctantly and grabbed her around the waist. They then disappeared through the dark hole. I turned and opened the panel to the phone and heard,

“Front desk.”

“Hey Frank this is Vince will you through the breaker for the east elevator its blown again.”

“Sure Vince, I’ll get right on it.” Less that a minute later the elevator resumed its motion and stopped two floors up. Where I found a completely disheveled Batgirl and overly enthusiastic Shaggy, who was exclaiming

“I saved Batgirl!!! repeatedly. I then handed him back his Scooby snacks and went to assist Batgirl off of the floor. Her cap was ripped off of one shoulder, her belt was gone and her mask was angled across her forehead and left eye. I attempted an explanation.

“The breaker for the east elevator has a tendency to blow when the hot tub is turned on. It started to happen about a week ago and the electrician is coming tomorrow to fix it. So all you have to do is call the front desk and have them flip the breaker.” Batgirl then shot a glance of death at Shaggy and angrily announced,

“I’ll take the stair!” Shaggy ran after her waving a tie dye mask over his head yelling.

“You forgot your mask.” I reentered the elevator and emerged in time to see Shaggy chasing a black motorcycle through the parking lot still waving that tie dye mask in the air. I then took up my post at the front desk and the bell on the entry door rang and I was greeted with a “Hey Vince, how’s your day going?”

“Great, Mr. Kent how are you?”

Shades of Gray

i’m living my life in a deep shade of gray
in the hours between when the sun dies and the moon will rise
the sun has ceased to light the path before me and
the moon has not shown to hide the fear in my heart
these dark hours hold no hope and bring no peace
i am left exposed by failing light
to all the waking terrors of night
Show me a light, that doesn’t shine in predator eyes

come and find me
lost in a wasteland of broken dreams
searching for the life that was promised me
When simple things have become a commodity
Where is the future, but lost in the memories that lie behind

Random Facts about the Author…

1. My middle name was made up by my parents
2. I can make messenger bags, legal pad holders, purses, wallets and a few other things out of Duck Tape
3. I can speak some elvish
4. I used elvish script in high school for code when passing notes
5. I cannot watch the extended edition of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring without falling asleep
6. I buy a stuffed animal every time I go on vacation.
7. After a bad day I crave cream soda
8. I got my ears pierced at 25
9. I have never been kissed
10. I collect tv shows
11. I don’t like red Swedish fish
12. If you see my lips moving while I am driving I am not singing, I am having a conversation with someone who is not there
13. I hate grape and cherry favored candy
14. I save all my fortunes from my fortune cookies incase they come true
15. I prefer caramel over chocolate any day
16. I don’t know who is in the super bowl until half time, when I watch the half time show.
17. My super bowl tradition is to go to a movie by myself
18. I wanted to be a vet as a child
19. Wanted to be a lawyer in high school and then realized how much schooling it took and said “forget college, I want to make money”
20. Best Christmas present ever was my 18 volt, 3 piece dewalt tool set
21. I have met Jack Hanna

22. My default movie choice is Man From Snowy River

23. I have never had a broken bone or stitches

24. I have had sinus surgery

25. I kinda freak out if anything gets close to my right ear, I can’t even stand it if people whisper in it.

26. I have two journals full of quotes, I started in high school and haven’t stopped

27. I love the smell of trick fuel

28. My office is a mess but my computer files are organized like a champion

29. People with PC’s irritate me on a certain level (long live MAC!!!)

30. I received a “Royal Ham” award in grade school for the plays I had been in

31. I once played Templeton the Rat in Charlotte’s Web

32. Hate the color pink

33. Hate classroom settings

34. I collect stuffed animals, quotes and Knives

35. I strongly believe I am a citizen of the wrong country. I love America but will someday be a Citizen of my true home, England

36. Cannot resist the funny page in the paper, or the joke page in Guidepost

37. scared to death of Wizard of Oz flying monkeys

38. Was put in handcuffs by a police officer once, I was in 5th grade…

39. I find manly forearms attractive

40. Know how to tie a full Windsor knot

41. Can and have installed Door hardware

42. Can run an excavator, efficiently

43. My feet where pictured in the Newspaper when i was in grade school

44. Won the science fair in 8th grade with my report on “How music effects your learning”

45. Won a Volleyball State Championship as a player, but didn’t win a Basketball State Championship until I was a Coach

46. Was nicknamed Ogre, stripes,and happy feet (before the movie ever came out)

47. Had a car before I had a drivers license

48. Traveled overseas for the first time when I was 16

49. Repeated kindergarden

And#50. After receiving my High School Diploma promptly check to see if it was signed.

Until Then…

Bro and Chick Code

I found these in the Bigfork Bayliner and wanted to share them with you, My favorites are in bold.


Bro Code

1.If a bro gets a dog, it must be at least as tall as his knee when full grown

2. Whether he cares about sports or not, a bro cares about sports.

3. A bro never admits he can’t drive stick even after an accident

4. Bros don’t share dessert

5. A bro never dances with his hands over his head

6. A Bro loves his country, unless that country isn’t America

7. A Bro never applies sunscreen to another Bro unless the Bros are within 7 degrees latitude of the equator.

8. A Bro never wears pink. No even in Europe

9. When asked “Do you need some help?” A Bro shall automatically respond, “I got it,” whether or not he’s actually got it.

10. Even during a drought, a Bro flushes twice.

11. Even in an emergency that requires a tourniquet, a bro never borrows or lends clothes to another Bro


Chick Code

1. A chick can get a dog as a pet but only if it fits in her mailbox

2. If two chicks are wearing the same outfit, each retains the right to accidently spill a drink on the other

3. A chick never pays for anything. EVER!

4. A chick will call her bf “cute” or “adorable” once in front of his Bros for fun, then promise never to do it again (when he’s around)

5. When asked “do you need some help?” by a super hot guy, a chick always replies yes, whether or not she really needs it.

6. A chick shall never use the side mirrors for applying lipstick while driving the car. It is extremely dangerous since it messes up the hair!

7. Whether she cares about shopping, shoes, clothes, makeup or not, as Chick cares about the aforementioned.

8. A Chick reserves the right to be hyper

9. A chick is alway allowed to cry (and if she can cry on cue, all the better)