2011 A Year Of Challenges

What a year it has been, I began my 2011 journey in my Grandparent’s basement, alone in the dark. I had just moved back to my home state of Montana and had no job and was frankly at that moment just happy to be back home where I was surrounded by friends and family that love my. I had no job but was actively looking. It wasn’t a long wait until I was offered a job at the local Hospital in the laundry, very prestigious I know. So I started a new job, I had never been in a work environment where I actually had coworkers, I had spent 5 years working for my dad in the construction trade and mostly spent time with my Ipod and my dog Cam who came to work everyday with me. So that was the first challenge of my year, new job and a very different work environment, but I am happy to say now, almost a year later that I was able to advance to a full-time position in just 6 months and I am considered one of the most talkative members in the laundry second only to a former Air Force technician; but I believe that my second Job added to my already hidden talent to talk to people and well just talk in general.

Second Job, you say. Yes, on June 11, I was contracted with Vector Marketing to sell Cutco Cutlery. Sales, talk about new, I never would have thought I would even try to sell anything much less succeed and love it! Just to brag a little on myself, in my first full week of sales I sold $1,803 worth of Product and hit my first promotion in three days. I have since hit 3 more promotions and am sitting on the edge of my fifth and bonus land. (Sorry some Vector speak will probably continue to slip in.)

Don’t get my wrong here, I am very thankful for both my jobs but my second job is the one I truly love, for two very specific reasons. It has afforded my the opportunity to meet some very amazing and interesting people and I get to play with knives in other people homes, how could that not be fun; but in all honesty it has proven to be a forum to measure my personal growth. Because at this point in my life I had become rather stagnate. Another way to putting it, I was in survival mode but because of the experience and the people that I meet because of Vector I have begun to grow again, to get stretch and not break and to see my life and the world with new eyes and a new mentality. How can a job do this? Well, it is really less about the job and more about the people, I was privileged to have the best people in the business there to support me and become my dear friends.

And that was just on the work front, then there is all the personal stuff, but because this is my first blog I will not overwhelm you with ALL that madness, just yet. 🙂 But I will tell you this, I overcame the challenge of finding a place to live on my own, with my 90 lb. black lab Cam, also drove a Uhaul 2,000 miles cross country to move all my stuff from Mississippi back to Montana to move into my first place and have happily been dealing with the reality of “payment shock” and all that goes with being single and living on your own for the first time. So that is the year of challenges in short review.

As I review my year I am beginning to see a secondary theme emerging, Champions, 2011 The Year of Challenges and Champions. I like the sound of that.

Until Then…

P.S. Here is my unofficial disclaimer: My spelling is awful, but I am no longer going to allow that to stop me from sharing my thoughts with you, so all I ask is that you have grace and patience with me as I do my best while learning and striving to do it better. If grammar, spelling and general writing mechanics are extremely important to you I will recommend you follow someone else’s blog because that is just not who I am and I do not wish to waste your time or try your patience. Thank you and Until then….